Sunday, 5 October 2014

Review: Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Mask (Lemon)

Mask has been my favourite lately. Of course in terms of skincare products. During younger days, I was very lazy to put that sheet or thin layer on my face, having in mind that it is not a crucial step. Well, how much can an application helps? I WAS WRONG. Even though a single time can't help, if you doing it consistently, I'm sure there are some rewards waiting for you at the end!

I find that sheet masks are very convenient! Not very recent, as I grab a few boxes of them in Singapore few months back! Especially with the Rilakkuma characters printed on it. Without the need of washing it off, I can have mask pampering time even during my short trips!

Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Mask comes with a variety of choices with distinct determination, which I'm sure doesn't sound unusual to you; 

Acaiberry - Helps your skin retain moisture, creating a lively glow.
Broccoli - Makes your skin comfortable and clean with no trouble.
Lemon - Makes your skin clear and pure.
PumpkinHelps to lift skin and boost smoothness & elasticity.
Tomato - Makes your skin moist and elastic.
The one that I'm going to introduce is the Lemon animated emoticonLemon animated emoticonLemon animated emoticon mask!

  • Fresh Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract and Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Fruit Extract vitamins transparent components are delivered to your skin clean and pure.
  • The natural cellulose tencel sheets are highly dermotropic and fixed easily on skin. They are helpful for intensive skin care and deliver the effects of enriched-essence softly.
When I read the description, I can't wait to try on the mask because of its highly dermotropic! I like the feeling of it being stayed still on my face despite that I was doing my work. A crucial point as I don't have to worry it will fall off and become a mess!

Directions of Use:
1. After cleansing, even out skin using toner. Take the mask out of its package, unfold and place the sheet on the face. 
2. Rest comfortability for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask.
3. Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin. 

There isn't any visible result for the first time I used it because I believe that it takes time for result to be delivered. However, I'm grateful that it doesn't cause any rash or itchiness after the application. With the fact of me having sensitive acne prone skin, I would make sure the skincare products I used are free of harsh ingredients and non-comedogenic.

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Enjoy the effect of masks brings you and it is important to have some precious pampering time for yourself!!


  1. Sounds really interesting - I've never seen a mask that just lies on top of your skin like that, where di dyou pick this one up from?

    1. you can get it here!