Wednesday, 29 October 2014

JYJ in Bangkok #2

In case you're looking for #1.

Photos taken during press conference.

/is it only me or the pictures' quality deteriorates after I uploaded them? hmmm

I feel so tired yet excited in the morning. Hardly have a good sleep but soon it was time to get ready to go to the venue!

The venue is quite far from the city centre thus explains the long journey there. Around an hour? But it was incredibly fast when we went back to the hotel after the concert! (more on that later)

Part of the reason we want to reach there as early as we can is because we were told there is a long queue already! since 9am, and I was still lying on my bed at that time checking updates lol. Anyway, we reached there around 12.30pm and the queue is long but still acceptable (at least to me, because after that it became so longggggg, enough to be compared with Japan dome tour). Luckily the area is opened at 1pm, so it wasn't long till the queue starts moving.

Lucky us who managed to get the official goods that we want! Sooner or later it was all sold out and there are fans that keep asking around whether are there any extra items? Well it is hard to help them unless we bought extra. Accidentally bought extra a cushion cover and we managed to sell it off! LUCKILY because it is quite expensive to be frank.....

There was a small incident when we were getting the official goods. 3 of us wanted to get lightsticks  (it is such a symbolic item which means you go to that particular concert ><) but only one person was in the line. and then I (who wasn't in the queue) receive a text from my friend: "1 person 1 lightstick". Instantly I was dumbfounded, why the staffs didn't say that earlier! And it was too late to queue from the end because it was so long and we aren't sure we can get the lightsticks even if we do that. Thanks to the wide friend connection, we managed to buy the remaining 2 lightsticks that we want! At that point of purchasing, few items are already sold out, including RED lightstick. There are 2 colours available, RED and WHITE. For me I wanted to get the white one so I am fine with it. My poor friend who wanted to get the red one..... Anyway it is better than nothing, because we feel relieved that we managed to get it and not any unofficial ones.

Nothing much after getting the merchandises and we were so tired already hence start to look for places for an early dinner! Everywhere is so crowded with fans and toilets are always full. Even getting into the toilet is so difficult, regardless how we keep looking for some other restrooms LOL. After dinner we were just sitting on the floor waiting for the door to be opened. Yeah it sounds pathetic but it was fun actually! At the mean time trying to get some rest. But how to calm down at that time? We can even hear them rehearsing inside and fans shouted and yelled whenever they heard it. So my friend and I decided to walk around the venue and take pictures! Fanclubs are really awesome as they decorate the place so nicely and many standees for photo-taking too!

in the concert
The concert started late. It was expected because it took so long to check the fans' belongings! The securities were quite strict of us not to bring any food/camera. But there were too many people and in the end they just let us go abruptly. 

The hall is quite small, which is good as we can see them nearer? But the zone division is bad and I would definitely say not worth the money for some zones. Luckily I'm satisfied with my seat!

Sitting next to me was Japanese ahjumma fans. They are very polite and I don't know why am I too shy to greet them. Luckily my friend did so that we actually don't look that ignorant hahahaha. They asked us where are we from too! They must be so happy now that JYJ is going to have dome tour in Japan.... (news isn't released during that time so I guess that's why they came)

in conclusion; THE CONCERT IS GREAT, SO GREAT. I'm just glad that I came to this concert, gave myself such a good time and memorable experience. ❤❤❤❤❤

soon we were chased out from the hall by the authorities (because we stayed in there for too long even after the concert ended) and we were lost at first because out there is a mess. We got into a cab (yay!) which offered quite a high price (mehhh) but good thing is, we reached our hostel in 20 minutes. That was really fast compared to the time we took to the venue in the morning and he drove so fast! One of their culture and it is good to experience it LOL

Managed to record a video during closing ment. Looking at this, it somehow terrifies me how one month can pass so fast!

A video posted by KIMMY (@kcasse1226) on

This trip ended happily and I couldn't stop smiling when I think of this impromptu decision I made. Happy to know new friends and we keep in touch ever since. :) Hopefully it didn't take too long till we meet again!

Photos taken with Canon G12.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Review: Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Mask (Lemon)

Mask has been my favourite lately. Of course in terms of skincare products. During younger days, I was very lazy to put that sheet or thin layer on my face, having in mind that it is not a crucial step. Well, how much can an application helps? I WAS WRONG. Even though a single time can't help, if you doing it consistently, I'm sure there are some rewards waiting for you at the end!

I find that sheet masks are very convenient! Not very recent, as I grab a few boxes of them in Singapore few months back! Especially with the Rilakkuma characters printed on it. Without the need of washing it off, I can have mask pampering time even during my short trips!

Bidanpo Mediental Botanic Garden Mask comes with a variety of choices with distinct determination, which I'm sure doesn't sound unusual to you; 

Acaiberry - Helps your skin retain moisture, creating a lively glow.
Broccoli - Makes your skin comfortable and clean with no trouble.
Lemon - Makes your skin clear and pure.
PumpkinHelps to lift skin and boost smoothness & elasticity.
Tomato - Makes your skin moist and elastic.
The one that I'm going to introduce is the Lemon animated emoticonLemon animated emoticonLemon animated emoticon mask!

  • Fresh Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract and Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Fruit Extract vitamins transparent components are delivered to your skin clean and pure.
  • The natural cellulose tencel sheets are highly dermotropic and fixed easily on skin. They are helpful for intensive skin care and deliver the effects of enriched-essence softly.
When I read the description, I can't wait to try on the mask because of its highly dermotropic! I like the feeling of it being stayed still on my face despite that I was doing my work. A crucial point as I don't have to worry it will fall off and become a mess!

Directions of Use:
1. After cleansing, even out skin using toner. Take the mask out of its package, unfold and place the sheet on the face. 
2. Rest comfortability for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask.
3. Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin. 

There isn't any visible result for the first time I used it because I believe that it takes time for result to be delivered. However, I'm grateful that it doesn't cause any rash or itchiness after the application. With the fact of me having sensitive acne prone skin, I would make sure the skincare products I used are free of harsh ingredients and non-comedogenic.

If you would like to try this mask as well as some other varieties of it, check out Hishop Malaysia which will bring them to your doorstep! You are welcomed to try on a single pack first to see how it goes with your skin.

With the even better news, you will be entitled a 15% off rebate with your Hishop purchases, just key in 


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Enjoy the effect of masks brings you and it is important to have some precious pampering time for yourself!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

JYJ in Bangkok #1

I'm sure this is the most updated post ever in my blog. While the memories are still fresh in my mind, gonna take the chance to jot it down!

Before 23/9
First time going to Bangkok. Well I'm more than happy to meet my friends there (although they are from Malaysia too), just that we went there on a different day. Didn't know that they are going at first. Then we decided to stay in the same hostel and sit together in the concert!

Thailand is the first foreign country that I went to without knowing its language. There is a language barrier but luckily with gestures pointing here & there and English - written signs, things are still manageable.

BKK is definitely not in my #solotrip list prior to this. Hmmm as if like if I want to travel alone, judging every aspects of it, BKK is never in. LOL

This trip is just getting real when the JYJ concert in BKK is confirmed. Date and location are perfectly matched with my schedule and budget. YEAHHH BKK here I come!

First thing I did was: telling my mum I'm going to BKK. It is a kind of responsibility that you share with your family with your decisions? I told her honestly the reason why and she just "Oh why not Singapore". How I wish there is a concert stop in Singapore too! Her concern: "you haven't been to BKK before".

I'm glad that my mum put her trust in me! She knows exactly my attitude or the way I do things. And my passion to travel is like SHE KNEW IT WITHOUT THE NEED OF EXPLANATION. hahahah

Then it is homework time........ Google has been my reliable best friend all these while. Going to an unfamiliar place alone, you just have to solve your doubts. Everyone would want a pleasant trip right! And because this is not a trip that I have free time to linger around, I just have to be sure about the venue and transportation and etc.

The most crucial part of all is.... Getting the concert ticket. If I can't get it then no point going right? Tickets are prior released to the locals first and I didn't worried as much as pre-sale is only 60% of it. As expected, the expensive tickets (or those zones that I aimed for) are all sold out. Even if I used the word expensive, the overall ticket price is actually quite cheap. Compared with other concerts, in BKK you can see them in the nearest distance for approx RM550. Well if there is a chance they held it in Malaysia, the price will surely more than this and strikes up to at least RM1000. Imagine the most expensive seat for JYJ showcase in Malaysia four years back was RM1000. With their increasing popularity, the price is not going down and we will need to fork out at least a thousand. We fans know that it is so not worth it to watch a concert here, unless you have a free ticket or you really like the artists.

Luckily still managed to grab the tickets when the official sale is launched. We struggled quite a while to get the zone we seated. Long story cut short, we are satisfied with it when we stepped into the concert venue! :)

Among all the surprises that came along for this concert, I was so lucky to get selected into the press conference fan zone! The press conference on the day before the concert is opened for everyone, since it takes place in a shopping mall. Thought of going to catch a glimpse, because why not? Told myself that it will be so crowded which turns out to be so trueeeee. 

Soon after there comes an announcement from concert organiser that 400 fans will be selected for the Lucky Fan Zone of press conference while 150 fans will be selected to get a limited edition poster with JYJ's signature (only one singer). I choked when I saw my seat number is in the list for fan zone!! I haven't strike a lottery before! Too happy till I'm lost in words! I'm glad that I can make it too because my flight is the day before. Some couldn't make it because they booked their flight on 25th instead. :( talk about luck. :/

And YAYYY that's it and I patiently wait for the day to come! 

Spent my day here waiting. Luckily it is in a mall but not outdoor venue! Imagine the scorching sun and unpredictable rain. Queuing to get the pass (sticker) to enter the fan zone and wait again for the PC to start. I feel grateful because many fans started waiting to get a good spot at that instance the shopping mall opens. 

Thanks to my friend's camera and I love it! It zooms better than mine and user-friendly too. So far this time (during PC) is the nearest distance that I had been with them! Not forgetting the fans' pushing effort... Less than 3 metres, I don't even have to zoom the camera to get their shots!

The news states that 3500 people gathered for their PC, which I doubt it is even more than that. Their popularity is insane! Even the staffs from coffee shops on upper level just keep taking their photos using DSLR. lol

The PC doesn't take long, only around 30 - 45 minutes? It started late though. After taking some shots I stopped. I would rather enjoy that moment and witness their interactions. Since the medias will release more HD photos later!

After the PC ended, the place was a mess. Since I was stuck in the fan zone, it was hard for me to leave unless the people behind me do so. And in my mind I just want to get some food because I was too hungry. Fans taking their turn to take photo with the gigantic stage back drop but I was too tired for that. With the huge background and everyone keep butting in to take their photos..... I would prefer the smaller one!

At this point I was quite excited for the concert already. It's getting realllllllll.

Will continue about the D-day and posting some pictures as well in upcoming #2!