Sunday, 21 September 2014

Favourite Music #10: Nostalgia

Didn't realised it has been so long (6 months) since I wrote a post recommending songs that I love!

Few songs that are in my playlist currently, here goes:

Tohoshinki - Wedding Dress (Memories ver.)

Tohoshinki - Wedding Dress (Memories ver.2)

These are 2 different music videos for the song "Wedding Dress". I love it when I first listen to the rhythm. With all the photo collages in beautiful setting, the calm feeling (what I love the most in Japanese songs) is inevitable.

In their live concert, the atmosphere is so good and there is a water fountain in the centre of the stage while they were singing. I am really jealous with BigEast who attended the concert tour. :(

Super Junior - No Other

While arranging my music folder one day, I found this song and start listening to it again! This song is released back in year 2010, somehow I feel nostalgic how many years has passed. Not a big fan of SJ, but this lovely song is an exception. So sweet!

JYJ - Baboboy

From their latest album "JUST US", honestly I enjoy listen to it. I mean EVERY SINGLE SONGS in this album. It has been so long since I have this patience and not be picky about songs that I choose to have a first try hearing it. 

Anyway, this is one of them which I am addicted to it! To the extent that I search for their live performance online and have it on replay. Deep down I know that there will be no surprise when I go to their concert....... but idc. this is addiction. or craziness in me. 

MBLAQ - You & I

The theme song of Korean drama "Scent of A Woman", which is released back in year 2011. Two reasons that I watched this: cameo appearance of Junsu and the main actor Lee Dong Wook. Nevertheless, this is a very inspiring show as it tells us that there is no ugly woman in this world. Work hard and be confident is the way to succeed!

Junsu - You Are So Beautiful

Another OST from the same drama. Junsu's voice is so touching and yeah I admit that I cried a little at first like what Yeon-jae did. Meaningful lyrics and a heavenly voice, what else can you ask for in a song? Definitely make me fall in love with it again after some time. That butterfly feeling when you listen to your favourite songs after you forget about it for a while?

Didn't know what should I name for this blog post.... Since it is a compilation from the past, nostalgia it is. Thanks for reading! :)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Unboxing Fashion Culture Box July Edition

Fashion Culture Box is ain't that familiar to beauty addicts anymore, I believe. With only RM60 per box, you can add more fun into your daily look and be unique!

Every month, there will be 3 different styles for you to choose from. Fashion items and beauty products that fit the style of your choice, so no worries of getting something that doesn't suit the theme that you pick.

For the previous July edition, there are 3 themes that are available:
  • Inspired by Music: Rocker Queen
  • Inspired by Music: Love Story
  • July Special: The Hijab Box 

And the one I got is......

It is not hard to guess at all from the music video I suppose? :)


White box with black crown logo, it looks simple yet elegant.

Upon opening the box, this is what you will see. 
A ribbon is tied neatly with the white card attached, 
and a black craft paper to keep the items inside well organised.

Extra care (put into a bag) is given to these accessories so that it wouldn't be scratched easily. 
Plus-point for this! 


Shokubutsu Shower Foam
  • Reintroducing the richness in bathing tradition around the world that is now enriched with Plant Collagen to help you rediscover the Youthful, You!

3 scents available:
  • Oriental Charm - Power of Herbal Restoration
  • Balinese Escape - Power of Lulur Renewal
  • Onsen Therapy - Power of Mineral Revitalization

Genesis ProGumCare Enhanced Formula Toothpaste
  • An ultimate solution for total oral care, healthy gum and teeth protection.
  • With natural plant extract Vitamin C & Allantoin.
  • No fluoride & SLS.

Personally, I love the sunglasses the most! tbh, if I were supposed to buy one, I would choose something which looks cool rather than girly/sweet. And this sunglasses came right to me!

My #ootd for the other day with the sunglasses and #love necklace.

Love how an accessories can cancel out the dullness of an outfit, to make it more presentable!
Didn't wear the pearl ear piece as I usually don't wear them.


Interested to know what theme it is for this month? Or some useful tips to bring out the fashion sense in you? Inspirations?

Go to FCB related webpage to unveil more!

Instagram: @fashionculturebox

And Experiment with Style.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

20 facts about KimChow

Tagged by some friends on Instagram and Twitter, so I decided to write a blogpost about it. (Yea I know Jane did a post too, please don't try to compare or say that I'm a copycat.) The best thing is that there is no word limitation (yay!) and I hate to type so long in that tiny little phone keyboard.

  1. Kimberley is my real name. It is in my birth-cert and IC and passport registration.
  2. I hate it when people trying to call my Chinese name just because they doubt that I named myself Kimberley for convenience purpose.
  3. I have poor eyesight.
  4. I have low self-esteem because of my blemished face.
  5. I have big foot. It is hard for me to choose a nice-looking footwear to match with my skinny legs. Imagine big shoes but small legs?
  6. You can say I have skinny long legs (tqvm) but not skinny.
  7. I see things but I don't react to it unless necessary.
  8. My favourite author is Sophie Kinsella.
  9. '5' means a lot to me.
  10. I chose to study Actuarial Science because of my strength, not interest. Which I honestly think it is pathetic.
  11. Travelled to Singapore, Taiwan, Bali, Sydney and Bangkok (veli soon). All on my own expenses except for Bali trip.
  12. Bora Bora. At least once in my travel journey.
  13. Want to experience New Year's Eve celebration in New York City. The most happening NYE celebration around the world is there!
  14. People who can't speak/write English with proper usage of grammar pissed me off. BIG TIME. Reading their written pieces put me into migraine.
  15. I care about what people whom I love says about me but totally capable to neglect those from people whom I don't care about.
  16. I'm afraid of my sister. Or I give her the authority to make choices for me. If she decides to have Western food for dinner tonight, even I wanted to eat korean bbq so much..... I will just give in. My mum told me "this is the way you love your sister."
  17. I hate people not being punctual. Unless with a valid reason. If this is one of their personality traits, I will seldom want to go out with them anymore. 
  18. I love to sleep. And get on the bed early. Opposite things might happen if I am travelling unless I'm really tired.
  19. I wish to visit the primary school that I went during National Service Community Service on year 2008. The school is just located along the beach!
  20. Till now, there is only one girlfriend who I can think of that if I am a guy, I will definitely chase her. lol
That's it! 
Enjoy the fun! I'm sure it is good to arrange your thoughts once in a while.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Bondi Beach, NSW

An overdue post as I can't believe that few months had passed since I came back from Sydney. 

We went to Bondi Beach on the 4th day we arrived. The beach that Prince Charles the Duke of Edinburgh came during his visit! The weather is so cold that we didn't bring along our swimming attire. Typical Asian-minded right? Who will want to go for a swim when it is so cold out there..... Well it proved us wrong as the beach looks so gorgeous! The sand is so soft that my shoes sank into it when I stepped on the beach. Quickly took if off and enjoy the tickle!

Once we got down from the bus. We don't know where to get down at first, but once we saw the beach, just press the bell and hop off!

Giving pretty much California/Hawaii feel huh? Definitely can't have this kind of feeling in Malaysia.

The view is so mesmerising. We spent time sitting at the cliff, enjoying the sea breeze and indulge in this beautiful place. Words can't describe how stunning Bondi Beach is, the number 1 must visit beach spot in Australia. The contrast is, we were feeling so cold but not them! People living there were still wearing light clothing, sunbathing, surfing and swimming. The swimming pool at the side of the beach is open for everyone, you can have a swim there as long as you are wearing swimming attire. Just look at the fierce wave which hits the pool!

Yup, I'm welcoming September with all these sceneries in my mind.

Pictures are taken with Panasonic Lumix GF3.