Monday, 18 August 2014


It has been too long since I blogged something about MYSELF. Scrolling down the posts that I had posted few months, it is good to have sponsored posts (which means there are people out there who read my words!) but deep down I understand this is lacking some personal touch.

Finally, it is August now. Stepping into (almost the end) the last semester makes me nervous. Of course I'm happy because I always think that I spent too much time in getting this degree. Waited the course to commerce so... Yet I think nervousness took over because I have no idea what or how my career path is. Struggling a lot between options and keep doubting whether can I do it or is this what I really want!?

I think I has been bitten by the travel bug. Not that I just realised how much I love to travel, but I can't stop thinking of going somewhere else to expand my view. 2 weeks plus vacation in Sydney doesn't do any justice! Yea there is a saying that travelling means that you are going to some places that people feel boring to live in. Which I'm absolutely sure this is quoted by someone who doesn't love to travel. or have no money to do so and keep complaining.

Can't wait to see what lies ahead of me! Yes a very much random post.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Best Buddies Friendship Walk 2014

Run for a good cause? 
Spend your weekend in a meaningful way? 

This coming 6th September, join us at Best Buddies Friendship walk that will be happening at Taman Tasik Permaisuri!

Best Buddies® is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Friendship. It brings huge impact to everyone's lives. Who can live without friends? Maybe you don't have friends from all around the world (which it doesn't matter, really), having a few best friends that will certainly be there to share the joy and sorrow with you is definitely more than enough! 

"The aim of the Friendship Walk is to changes lives, as participants walk for inclusion, friendship, leadership, and opportunity for people with and without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

In the Best Buddies Friendship Walk Malaysia, our goal is to generate awareness and also to showcase our program to other schools, universities and corporations so that they too would adopt our program and help us spread the vision of a Malaysia that actively practices INCLUSION.

Walk for inclusion. 
Walk for friendship. 
Walk for a better community."

If you are interested to join this walk, you can now register via the link below;

For more information and to catch up with any updates of Best Buddies Friendship Walk, stay connected to their Facebook event page!

It will be great to see you there!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Wine Tasting Experience with WineTalk

What impression do you have on WINE
Or how much do you know about it?

It is not unfamiliar that at this age of ours, wines are served at major occasions and events, even home parties with friends. Yet, you are not really sure how to look like you’re confident with holding the wine glass? How to drink like a pro? When you see others swirl the glass and sniff the wine, do you ever wonder what is the reason behind?

Thanks to Wine Talk, now I learn more about wine! It was a wonderful evening at La Bodega Lounge, Bangsar to join this wine tasting experience. We have Wine Talk's French sommelier, David Stephan to introduce us 5 different types of wines. What made it even more special, all the wines we tried that evening are exclusive to Wine Talk! You can't get them anywhere else.

You might be curious, what is Wine Talk exactly?
Wine Talk is an online wine delivery service where customers can easily order wines via or via call to 1300 88 9788. Customers can choose from over 400 labels of red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, champagne, rosé wine, even non-alcoholic wine, and have them delivered to their home, office, wedding venue or any location within Peninsular Malaysia.

Wine Talk is known for successfully launching the Wine Club in 2012. “This is a club, and its members will get to be a part of its development to enjoy a wine journey that is meaningful and rewarding.  We offer members an exclusive access to wines that are imported exclusively for Wine Talk while also enjoying privileges such as exclusive member prices, surprises, access to events and more.” said David Stephan, Wine Talk’s sommelier.

David Stephan who is Wine Talk’s sommelier, studied hospitality and sommelerie in a professional school from the age of 16 in France, with internships including stints in various hotels & renowned restaurants in Paris.  In the late 90’s, he moved to the exclusive island of St Barts, working in a 5-star resort.  The island is famous for stunning beaches and locations, but also high-end hotels and restaurants, frequented by the rich and famous including ‘L’Esprit Salines’, one of the island top restaurants at that time, where he managed a splendid premium wine list. In 2003 he moved to Shanghai, China, where he worked in relation with the wine industry for 8 years.

Let's get back to the enjoyable evening!
The 5 wines that we tried! 

From left to right:
  • Tucumen Sauvignon Blanc – Mendoza, Argentina RM72
  • Monte da Peceguina 'Branco' - Alentejo, Portugal RM90
  • Château Fontarèche Corbières ‘Tradition’ Rosé – Languedoc, France RM70
  • Lion’s Lair Shiraz – Swartland, South Africa RM55
  • Pago De Cirsus ‘Vendimia Seleccionada’ – Navarra, Spain RM81
Not forget to mention, David shared with us some tips on how to appreciate and taste wine!
Which is absolutely useful for me who have poor knowledge about wine.
  1. Hold the wine glass by the stem, not by its bowl. It reduces exposure of wine to heat  (your finger's temperature)and it also makes you look like a pro. Classy and elegant.
  2. Swirl the wine in your glass, be careful not to spill. Swirling allows the wine to release aromas. Just give your glass a gentle swirl. After you’ve done this a few times, you’ll get the hang of wine glass swirling.
  3. Sniff the wine. It’s totally fine to put your nose inside the glass. Learning to appreciate wine aromas is learning how to appreciate the character of the wine. Don’t panic if your friend smells something else than what you smell. Wine aromas can be completely subjective. The important thing is whether you like the aromas or not.
  4. Look at the colour of the wine. You can hold your glass higher to get some light. The colour of the wine can tell you a lot of things about what you’re drinking or tasting.
  5. Sip the wine. Take note: SIP not gulp. Sipping gives you more chance to appreciate the taste. If you are willing to expand your tasting skills, you can explore inhaling air through your mouth while the wine is inside. This can be tricky but perfecting this skill can give you significant difference in appreciating wines.
  6. Take note of the after-taste. This is where you’ll notice if a wine has strong or light tannins. Tannins are most commonly present in red wine. It is the textural element that makes wine taste dry. Observe your tongue when you taste red wines, it’s that ‘dry’ feeling or taste when you swallow wine. Some grapes have higher tannins while some have lower.
  7. Swirl, sniff then sip again. This will allow you to rediscover the aromas and the taste for another time. 
  8. Be familiar with basic wine terms. Some people might talk to you about nose, legs, fermentation, vintage, corked wine, acidity and other terms. Take a few minutes to read about some wine terms before you attend a gathering where wine will be served. If you’re armed with some wine knowledge, you’ll relate to what people are talking about and maybe even add some comments that make you look and sound like a pro!
Some dishes we had to match with the wines!
Pulpo a la Gallega 

Gambas al Ajillo 

Albondigas "Saint Climent" 
RM20 (small)
RM30 (large)

Arroz Negro con Calamares y Allioli 
RM35 (1 pax)
RM68 (2 pax)

Cheese Platter 

Personally I think it is a good idea to join Wine Club if you are interested to know more about wine. Well joining clubs is a way to get involved with what you love! Wine Talk has a special service where wine lovers or enthusiasts can discover more wines that will be personally hand-picked by David. You just need to join the Wine Club, which is FREE from sign-up or membership fee, and receive 6 or 12 bottles of wines every month or 2. It is a convenient way to enjoy wines.

Not sure about what wines to choose? No worries! As David, the sommelier, will choose them for you based on your preference. If you’re not happy with the wine you received, they will change it for you! This way, you will receive your wine with GUARANTEED PRICE and GUARANTEED SATISFACTION!

Additional good news for you if you want to get some wines for occasions!
All you need to do is just key in 


to enjoy RM50 OFF on your order of RM300 worth of normal-priced items when you shop at Wine Talk upon checkout!

If you love wine, make sure to find out more at or their Facebook page, Wine Talk Malaysia.

For further information, don't hesitate to contact:
Wine Talk Malaysia
1300 88 9788 (Toll-Free Number)

winetalk, where great wines made easy.

Thanks for reading! :)