Thursday, 17 July 2014

Kill bacteria with bloop GERM BLASTER!

The urge to keep your hands clean all the time? 

Afraid no more as now bloop is introducing a new series of Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel;

These health warriors are here to help you!! They kill germs and bacteria at all times! It is crucial to maintain hand hygiene as we use our hands to carry out daily tasks. 

Imagine how much bacteria are you exposed to? While taking train to class, I saw people who cover their hands while they sneeze but soon after that they hold on to the pole. Not to judge others, somehow it is quite annoying and piss me off as many of them are well dressed! I'm sure they know the importance of keeping public areas clean?

With these Pocket Monster, it is so easy to keep bacteria away! Furthermore, there are 5 scent (or POWERRR) for you to choose from!

The characters are so cute and definitely did their part to spice up your life! Instead of the boring label.... For me I think it's like some sort of positive energy? 
The one I got is the Loving Germ Blaster!

The pocket size of this sanitizer makes it so convenient to bring around. With the tight cap of the bottle, I don't have to worry that it will spill. I could bring this everywhere I go!

Keen to bring this little buddy home? You can get them in 3 different packaging!

Single unit at RM4.90 each.
Single unit with an adorable holder (various designs) at RM12.90 each.

Or you can get a FOC holder with the purchase of 5 Germ Blaster in one pack!
RM24.50 per pack.

There are 5 different Christmas theme design for you to choose!

You can get this from Hishop Malaysia through this link: 

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Sorry for the long hiatus and hope you enjoy your weekend! It's mid week already! :)

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