Thursday, 26 June 2014

Have a memorable time with JomParty!

Thinking about organising a party for special occasions?

Hmmm there are plenty of aspects to be considered about; 
- food
- drinks 
- door gifts(so that your guests can bring them home and reminisce the memorable time)
- venue 
- decorations
and many tiny details....

For someone who lacks of creativity WHICH IS me, I would definitely want to put all these in good hands and avoid the hassle.

Well, JomParty is an affordable choice to give you the things that you need in a party!

Yes, keep calm and

Let me tell you more about JomParty!

Jomparty is a subsidiary company to Mahligai Klasik that offer designer and personalized party celebration to Malaysian. Services include personalized candy buffet, party package, party decoration, imported party item, personalized door gift and etc.

The owner, Lydia Nasir is a dedicated mother of 2 sons working as revenue person in hospitality industry and do party as her part time. Graduate in Bachelor Degree of Media Innovation from MMU and A-Law Cambridge from BAC her interest never stop her from venturing creative industry.

Experienced for more than 10 years in flower decorating, following mother footstep as international florist and flower judge with guidance from father in landscape architect have excel her throughout 5 years in wedding and events designing.

The idea came for Jomparty with motivated passion in personalized party celebration in USA, she continue to prove her capability in pursuing her creativity in kids party.

Started from mouth to mouth, Jomparty had grown to be proven a successful online service business. By doing this we are able to offer lower and competitive price in the market.

Our motto is nothing to big and nothing to small. Each package are able to personalize to suit individual budget with minimal budget requirement.


If you can speak Malay, I'm sure JomParty is not a strange word for you because it means "Come Party!". When this word comes across your mind I'm sure you can think of celebrations and fun! ^^

Spot the minions!! 

I remember how crazy were my sister and I about these yellow minions.
But we agreed that no crazy long queues. ✓✓✓

My cousin's favourite! 
He love Thomas so much and for the past few years we knew exactly what to get him for presents. 

Some magazine excerpts;
All the delicate pieces! ❤
Tiny details that can make your party different from others. :)

And that's not all! 
JomParty has turned one last month and they are inviting active bloggers to join them!
Celebrating their 1st anniversary, JomParty has decided to give out 5 candy buffet that is worth RM499 each to selected bloggers. I'm sure that it will add a sparkle to your party/event if you are planning to celebrate some special occasions. Join the run to spread the words before it is too late!

To know more about the pricing and options available, you can enquire JomParty at;

Facebook Page: JomParty
Instagram: @jomparty

Hope you have a wonderful experience with JomParty! ^^

Monday, 23 June 2014

Artbox Isetan KLCC Closing Haul

Yes, you read it right! The only Artbox store in Malaysia which is located at Isetan, Suria KLCC is closing down pretty soon(it's end of June already)

Taken from Artbox Malaysia.

Well it comes along with another piece of good news which is the Final Closing Sales!
All items are being let go at a range of 50% to 80% discount, which is certainly a big steal as some of the items that I have been eyeing on are quite expensive if there isn't any discount.

And I decided to dropby KLCC this afternoon after class! To my surprise, the store was quite crowded and customers that I met just keep picking their desired items. THEY ARE SO CHEAP after discount!! I wish to buy everything in the store but there is a need to self control. If I buy them recklessly then soon some of them will become rubbish in my cabinet(yes I have the superpower to foresee things).

Let's see what I got from the quick shopping!

1) Neck Cushion
After 70% discount: RM 18.24

2) Pencil Case
After 70% discount: RM16.74

3) Cap
After 70% discount: RM 31.44

Spent around RM67 for these three items. If there isn't any sales going on, I wouldn't have bring them home! looking at the normal price....

If you are a member of Isetan, you can enjoy 80% discount for selected items! Which is so worth it because non-members are only entitled for 50% discount. Anyway 50% is already good enough compared to normal price. :)

The sales is untill 17th July 2014 so hurry up! I was told by the sales associate that there are new collections coming in this weekend which I think I will spare some time to check them out again.

Head on to Suria KLCC before it's too late and have fun grabbing your favourite items!

Information quoted from Artbox Malaysia.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Kiama Blowhole, NSW

Blog hiatus for a month and decided to revive it with my most recent travel photos!
Still feeling surreal that I had been to these beautiful places when browsing through the photos.

The main purpose of this vacation is to visit my relatives. I can't deny that for me who haven't been to Sydney, I wouldn't waste the chance to walk around the city! There were days that I enjoy to stay home; doing house chores, grocery shopping, going on a picnic.

Ain't going to have the posts based on itinerary, instead I would like to share with my own preference! Throughout the half month, I been to Kiama for twice. The scenery is absolutely stunning and if I stay even longer, I will definitely go back again!

Many has asked about the weather and yes, it was so cold!! I'm sure it's even colder now. Don't be surprised that winter in Australia starts from the mid year (1st June) and not during Christmas period! They have Christmas in summer, which means no snow and there goes your imagination.... But my uncle told me other than the unbearable weather(even hotter than Malaysia), the decorations are very pretty and especially if you go to suburb areas! Every family will decorate their homes with lightings and you'll feel very dreamy!! I want to see that but I'm not quite sure whether I can bear the hot weather, after experiencing the hotness in KL for so many years. :(

Transportation in Sydney is very convenient, trains(CityRail), trams(LightRail) and bus can bring you everywhere you want to go! Even to places like Blue Mountains and Kiama.

Loads of pictures ahead!
The view that welcomes you once you step out from the train station.
Get the camera ready!

Decided to have lunch first before heading to blowhole. 
Pretty mint chairs at a random cafe....

Somehow the drizzle makes me love this peaceful town even more....

Spot the rainbow! It appears soon after the drizzle!

The view is different this time because we took another way(direction) to the blowhole. I'm glad we did, we didn't notice the rock pool during the first time we came!
Rock pool; the pool is irregular in shape with rocks surrounding it! 
The calm water with the clouds' reflection are opposing the strong waves from the other side of the rocks.

I'm impressed with these photographers' bravery. 
You can see the right side(sea) is trying to getting in fiercely into the rock pool! 
Soon and after the sea and rock pool has emerged into one because the tide is slowly rising.


The weather during #1 visit was good(despite the drizzle) so the blowhole splash wasn't as big or terrifying as it used to be. Came back on the other day and the sky appeared to be cloudy. The sky was getting dark(around 4.30pm), the tide is rising and yay that is the time we witnessed the splendid view!

There is a fence that surrounds the blowhole for safety purpose. Few years back when my aunt came, there isn't any fence so you can go really near to the blowhole! Unfortunately there was a tragedy where some tourists were killed. They stood too near and they were sucked into the hole after the splash. And their bodies cannot be found till now. :( hmmm but from where the authorities fenced the blowhole area, we still can get a nice view of it. :)

Video performs better than pictures, so here it is! 
It was so windy to the extent that I'm really afraid that I'll drop the camera.

This place is so beautiful and I strongly recommend to dropby when you pay Sydney a visit! Just hop onto the train on South Coast Line and get down at Kiama station. It only takes around one and a half hour to witness this stunning view! There aren't many tourists when we were there, compared to sightseeing places like Blue Mountains which is expected to be crowded. A tranquil country place that people who loves nature shouldn't be missed!

Hope you enjoy reading and got attracted to Kiama like I do! x

Medias are taken with Panasonic Lumix GF3.