Friday, 16 May 2014

K-drama: Three Days

If you enjoyed watching dramas such as IRIS and ATHENA: Goddess of War, Three Days is another one that you should not miss! Production of SBS TV, this hot fully released series has the entire spotlight on it compared to other dramas which were at the same slot.

Wanted to watch this so much when the new episodes were released but due to my final exam schedule, all entertainment activities got to be put on hold. Which honestly I think that it is a right thing to do at that moment.

I love these promotional posters! 
All these look like they are made for a movie production, not just merely a drama.

Han Tae Kyung (acted by Park Yuchun) is a Secret Service agent which his job is to protect the President, Lee Dong Hwi (acted by Son Hyun-Joo) regardless what happens. that is the pledge every SS agents made, but how many of them can fulfil it? The story begins with Minister Han (Tae Kyung's father) being killed in an accident. This eventually leads to even more conspiracies and secrets to be unfolded.

These 16 episodes take into account incidents that happens from March 5 to March 14, which amazed me how someone's fate can be changed in a short time! I love this real time format, the adrenaline rush followed from every exciting scenes!

Kim Do Jin (acted by Choi Won Young) is not that unfamiliar if you had watched The Heirs! No more good daddy character and he is certainly a crazy person who willing to do anything for $$$

Another conclusion that I can (had, lol) make is;
There are many ahjussis (uncles) who are so good in acting! Doesn't matter they are lead actors or playing supporting roles, or not even that good looking. But they are really good and you can notice them. :)

Currently watching God's Gift - 14 Days, which is another drama that I strongly recommend! Will post about it after I finish it, hopefully it won't take too long! Mystery and thriller genre drama is something that I wouldn't want to miss. :D

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! 

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

/you can ignore me/

exams are over and suddenly I feel so light. there is no need to pray hard after it because I did my best this time. somehow I am frightened of how fast time can pass. incidents that happened few months ago has now become memories and nothing I can do about it. 

sometimes I feel exhausted facing people. this exhausting feeling isn't because I was in a bad mood, I just don't want to care about others, how they feel, what they do. in the end it doesn't matter at all. there are moments that I feel alone, because people wouldn't involve me in their activities like I will when I got the opportunity. are they selfish? no categories needed as everyone have different priorities. I'm just not theirs. 

I don't know whether am I an introvert or extrovert? when I was younger I thought that I am an extrovert, love to mingle around, getting to know new friends, never feel shy to start conversation with strangers. but now it is different. guessing what others think about me, do they want to talk to me as well? what if people don't want me to step into their comfort zone? will they say something bad about me if I approach them first?

either I scratch my face and stay at home forever. so that no one will see me. or let me go somewhere where nobody can recognise me. I believed that's why I am feeling the pain. I just don't want to be that naive anymore. now I learnt.