Saturday, 29 March 2014

LCDerma Skincare Workshop - Inspired by Pure, Reinventing by Science

Hello everyone, it's never too late to take care of your skin (regardless your gender). It is definitely my pleasure to get involved in LCDerma skincare workshop that was held at w xyz bar, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral earlier this month!

Kudos to Hishop and LCDerma who make this event a successful one!

A mandatory shot with the banner and my lovely friends.
Spot all the smiley faces!

LCDerma products that insist on 7 NOs;

NO Lanolin
NO Colorant
NO Animal Derived Ingredients
NO Petrochemical
NO Preservative Added
NO Comedogenic Ingredients
NO Mineral Oil

It's always a wise move to know more about the products before we start using them. The current LCDerma range is suitable for people with various skin types: normal skin, oily skin and dry skin. If you want a brighter skin tone (whitening) or looking for something defend against anti aging, they have it too! To have a better skin complexion before heading out, CC cream is a fast application which it offers anti aging properties, intense moisture and sun protection SPF 30.

LCDerma Lipoceu Turnaround Mist 50ml RM89.90
LCDerma Stem Cell Facial Wash 100ml RM59.90
LCDerma Lipoceu Stem Cell Anti-Aging Serum 30ml RM109.90
LCDerma Lipoceu Sebox Sebum Control 30ml RM89.90
LCDerma Lipoceu Lumino Whitening Serum 30ml RM109.90
LCDerma Lipoceu Hydra Moisturising Serum 30ml RM89.90
LCDerma UV CC Cream SPF30 30ml RM89.90

Without further ado we have a sharing session by Benson, the mastermind behind these amazing preservative free products. On the right (introduced by Benson in the frame) is Mabel, the Hishop Community Manager who certainly did a great job to gather all of us here!

Some pictures before the workshop ended;

Glad that all of us have a wonderful time in the workshop.
This pink customised cake from Sweet Tooth Ville grabbed a lot of attention as it looks so pretty!

If you would like to get LCDerma products, here is a piece of good news for you! Get them at Hishop before 30th April 2014 and you will be entitled for an exclusive RM20 rebate when your purchase is at a minimum of RM99.


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Thank you for reading and I hope you have an enjoyable time shopping at Hishop for your skincare (of course make up as well) needs! ☺☺

Information are quoted from Hishop and LCDerma.
Pictures without watermark are not courtesy of mine.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Favourite Music #9: Duet(s)

Sorry for the lack of updates as it had been a busy week for me! End of semester is approaching and I can't tell how excited I am to welcome the vacation. But before I can truly enjoy the moment I will have to go through the tough phase first.

Music is an essential for me whenever I feel that I need motivation/inspirations to work again! That's why I feel so bad for neglecting this tag #FavouriteMusic for such a long time.

I always have an affection towards duet(s). Two harmonic voices and it is so comforting. Or at least I feel that it's a bliss to listen to it. The rhythm is big love!!

Changmin & Krystal - Breath (Japanese Version)

This is an OST for Mnet mini drama "Mimi". There are only 4 episodes and I don't know the reason why (which either means it didn't bother me much). As I just watched it to support Changmin! It is undeniable that his acting skills is improving, which is a plus point for me to watch it. Well his vocal strength is unbeatable. Starting from DB5K days! 

There are three versions for this; Korean, Japanese and Chinese. The version that is included in the drama is the Korean version. I wish Changmin can sing all the three versions (he is multilingual btw) but oh well.... controversial arguments come in so I should stop. Just enjoy the song yo!

Kim Jaejoong & Gummy - Heaven

Yes, member from DB5K again. I'm not biased like that, just that I got to notice their songs first since I follow their daily updates? :D

The lyrics are beautifully written and you can feel the sorrow from the words! Or if you can't understand Korean, I'm sure you can feel it too when you listen to the song. Somehow the sadness flow out without you noticing it. There is no surprise that Jaejoong composed this song. He is well known among his fans that he is quite sentimental at times. Not a bad thing of course because everyone behaves that way, just the matter of whether will you show it to others or you prefer to hide it within yourself.

Partial lyrics translated in English
Source: JYJ3
Whatever you do don't go there again
I'll take your place and go for you
Whatever can you mean
Don't say that
I want you to answer 'okay'


Actually I'm scared
That you don't know me even when you're looking at me
We will turn back our love
Ask for each other's names with racing hearts
We need to have our first loves again

Ailee & Hyorin - Let It Go

tbh, I didn't like this song at first (as in English version) because I just can't feel the powerful voice from the singer and I find it quite dull. But Hyorin has been recognised for her voice since her SISTAR debut. Although I'm not a big fans of hers but I do listen to other singers if their voice are really amazing! And what's more to ask for when Ailee joined her in this special stage! Basically this went viral in Facebook as well as in Twitter after the live broadcast.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you enjoy listening to these songs as I do!
March is slipping away too fast and 11 days left to April.
Got to put in more effort so that time doesn't go into waste.

Have a nice weekend ahead everyone! :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Affordable Electronic Gadgets at!

I could remember when I lost my phone a month ago, the situation was a horrible one. My phone doesn't only mean a device that connects me with people, I use it to browse my notes and do tutorials as well!

The internet now is playing a big role in connecting people worldwide, and we can get any information we wish to know by just tapping on the keyboard! I was very eager to look for a substitute for my phone and internet is what I can count on to at the short moment.

With more smartphones emerging in the market, the price of one is getting reasonable and more people can afford it now. Numerous choices are available and we are spoiled with it!

Motorola caught my attention when I was browsing for smartphones earlier on. The Google owned company with a simple yet stylish 'M' logo, everyone will know it's Motorola once they look at it. Isn't this the purpose of a significant logo after all? And I absolutely love the design!

Online shopping is very convenient nowadays and you can even get your new smartphone without stepping out from the house., which aims to provide a convenient and comprehensive shopping place at a price people can afford sells a variety of electronic gadgets ranging from mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and more!

Found something while browsing the site? 
You can enjoy RM15 discount when you checkout from the cart with minimum RM100!
Just key in the following code:

The code is valid until end of this month so hurry! With plenty of choices available and services such as free delivery, order tracking, 30 days return policy, you will find something you need on site.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the shopping! :D