Thursday, 27 February 2014

Eat Free Stress Free with Mr.Dakgalbi!

Eating is a happy thing to do when you can enjoy the meal with your friends and have fun!
A big thank you to Jess & the team and The Butterfly Project, I was invited to a food review session at Mr.Dakgalbi, Bukit Bintang branch last week.

It can be easily found in the midst of busy streets as the red building and its logo really stands out.

Mr.Dakgalbi is a Korean restaurant that specializes in spicy chicken meat and rest assured, it is 100% halal. It offers a rare speciality that would leave curiosity of cuisine enthusiasts who wonder why it hasn't exploded in popularity. A recipe that dates back to the 1960s, dakgalbi consists of stir-fried marinated chicken in a chilli pepper paste along with Dduk (rice cake) and a fine selection of side dishes. Among these variations, once can choose variations like Bean Sprouts Dakgalbi, Seafood Dakgalbi and even a variety of fried rice, seafood pancake and noodles.

Mirrors which definitely give a spacious view.

"Running Man" backdrop. Don't miss a chance for pictures with it if you are a fans of this variety show!

The event started with a brief introduction about the restaurant by Sean, Mr. John (the CEO of Mr.Dakgalbi Bukit Bintang Branch) and Dayang. 

Without further ado, the food is served!

Dakgalbi (4 servings)
Side dishes were given too; kimchi, salad and radish (top left to bottom).


It is our honour to have Mr.John to cook for us! He is friendly and willing to share his tips in cooking such delicious dakgalbi too. Mr. John is a Korean but he can speak fluent English! So no worries about communication.

A steel cover is put around the pan so that the customers wouldn't feel much heat when the meal is cooked.

The meat is so appealing and we just have to dig in!

If you find this not filling enough, you can always have ramen and fried rice as well.
Look at the herbs and spices added on top! 

Firstly, we had ramen added into the dakgalbi. When we almost finish half of it, fried rice is added and there is cheese underneath! IMO the sweetness of the meat already topped off the spiciness so it wouldn't be that spicy as it looks. You can still have a try if you can't take any spicy food, maybe you'll love it! For a spicy food lover and as well as I love cheese, the fried rice is just perfect!! #killingtwobirdswithonestone 

It came to our surprise when we found out that the chilli powder used is: 

- Effective in preventing skin aging
- Help reduce weight
- Plenty of Vitamin A, B and C that could reduce the stress by its spicy food

So eat without worries at Mr.Dakgalbi!

Jaeng-ban Noodles


Yes the egg is so cute and definitely a picture taken of it! The vegetables and noodles are supposed to mix together and reminded me of lou sang? Because you just mix all the ingredients together!

The event turned out to be even more wonderful when I get to meet friends and have fun together!

From Left: Nicole, Jess and Jessryn.
Hope to see you all soon! :D

And finally 3 of us attended an event together!
This photo doesn't focus on Lenna's and my face but I still love it!!
It was a spontaneous shot so this is our true selves! :D

All the happy faces and we definitely enjoyed the night,
especially without the worry of gaining weight and release stress!

Furthermore, Mr.Dakgalbi serves breakfast and lunch set too! So now you can enjoy the marinated spicy chicken anytime!
If you have been eager to explore new Korean restaurant, you just have to come and have a try on this one! The restaurant is easily to be look out for as it is just a few minutes walk from Low Yat Plaza and can be reached within walking distance from Times Square, Pavilion and Fahrenheit 88. A place where you can enjoy good food and chill after shopping! It is located just next to Bank Islam.

Mr.Dakgalbi (Bukit Bintang Branch)
61, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Bukit Bintang, 
Kuala Lumpur.

Facebook Page: Mr.Dakgalbi
Like the Facebook page to get updates of current promotions.
And now I have a Korean restaurant added into my dining list when I go to Bukit Bintang area! :)


  1. The side dishes can be refilling or not ?' Seems so little only ?' hahaha

    1. lol I'm not sure about that since I was just busy to eat the dakgalbi! Just couldn't resist the meat + ramen + rice!