Saturday, 25 January 2014

BookUp - Get Cheap Books Online!

Another new semester has started and time to get prepared for all the challenges!! Getting my heart ready to study is a must, but what about reference books that we need for classes? Books are expensive and the cruel fact is, we usually need them only for a semester.

Here is an option to get rid of all the bulky books in your rack and get your affordable books at the same time!

With BookUp, say NO to expensive books! BookUp aims to provide a platform for book lovers or students (just like YOU and me) to get books that we need and help us to save our hard earned $$$. 

In this platform, you can sell your pre-loved books with just 3 simple steps;

  1. Submit your books.
  2. Ship for free.
  3. Get paid!

By selling and buying books this way, it is a win-win situation for everyone. The buyer gets it at a cheaper rate and the seller gets to clear off their unwanted books and make some extra cash. Also, imagine the impact of recycling on environment. There are an average of 0.9 million students in Malaysia and just imagine how paper are wasted if things keeps on going like this.

Came across this little story and I find it truly inspires;

Meng has an apple. 
Billie has an orange. 
They exchanged their fruits.
Now, Meng has an orange and Billie has an apple.

Meng has a book.
Billie has a book.
They exchanged their books.
Now, both Meng and Billie has gained the knowledge for two books!

It's never too late to be a part of this. 
It's really easy:

bid farewell to old books; 
get your books at an affordable price; 
help the Mother Earth on recycling; 
share the knowledge!!

Here's a 70 Second Video On the Startup - HANDDRAWN!

To get started, visit or Facebook page: BookUp.

Thank you for reading! x


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