Wednesday, 20 November 2013

AXA AFFIN Life: Do Your Part in Helping Cancer Patients

What do you feel when this word comes across your mind?

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Insecure
  • Depression
  • Helpless
  • and many other negative thoughts....

If someone in the family has/had cancer, nevertheless it will brings the family members burden. Not to mention that the need of going through emotional and financially distress; afraid of losing the loved ones, unforeseen huge amount of hospital/treatment bills...

Although this fight is difficult to win, but it shouldn't be an excuse to let the motivation down!

That's why AXA AFFIN Life has already got together with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) Cancer Treatment Center to support cancer patients who need to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

To YOU who are reading this, as a blogger, what can we do to help cancer patients who are desperate in needs?

A blog post from us that links to AXA 110 Cancer Care website will help these patients one-day funding for their daycare usage at NCSM Treatment Center!

If you are keen to join this blogging campaign, don't hesitate to contact Danial at and I'm sure he will be happy to have you in doing this good cause!

It would be great if more of us are joining this campaign. When it comes to charity work, do your best and hope for nothing in return!

When there is love, anything is possible.

Picture credits to the respective owner.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Birthday Gift from KATE Malaysia

Hello there! 

I believe that receiving birthday gifts is something that makes people happy and when it comes to a surprise gift? Double the happiness! 

Thank you KATE Malaysia who sent me a birthday gift! #happykid
Simple thing like this made my day! It's all about effort that counts. :)

Upon receiving the parcel, you will get a booklet introducing their latest collection. Ranging from eyeshadow, eyeliner & mascara to base makeup items. Other than that, prices and makeup tips are included too!

These items came along too;-
KATE Powderless Liquid
KATE Concealing Cover Powder Foundation

Although they are not full-sized products, but it is definitely enough for us to try! And head on to purchase if you love it. 

Time to grab your phone and join KATE community;

KATE <space> IC number <space> Email <space> Name

send to 33310

or you can get their latest updates at;

Friday, 15 November 2013

Favourite Music #7: WWW

As a fans of TVXQ/JYJ, I definitely wouldn't miss this album that was just released by Kim Jaejoong last month; WWW. It stands for "Who When Why". It is Jaejoong's first full solo album that is released in his 10 years of debut. 

Lets jump into the favourite songs that I couldn't stop playing them in my playlist!

Just Another Girl


Don't Walk Away (Feat. 용준형 of Beast)

Rotten Love


Let The Rhythm Flow


Surprisingly, as a person who doesn't fancy rock music, I didn't expect that I would love them as much as I do now. And my apology if there are too many songs here, as I listed down all my favourites in the album! It is like... 7 out of 13. The sequence doesn't do any thing, because I couldn't choose which song I love the most. :X

Other than the songs, I need to admit that the gold packaging caught my eyes too. Gold has become my favourite colour recently! Maybe it's because I'm getting older, I prefer things which look more classy and exquisite.

Photo credit to the owner.

Hope you enjoy listening! Will do a compilation of favourite songs in the current hit drama "The Heirs" soon! The show is still in the mid of airing and I believe there are more ballads to come. :)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Oops, another night that made me do some deep thoughts. Not emo or depressed, just some things playing in my mind and I would want to take the opportunity to jot it down in case I forget about it. Blogging is always a good way to make yourself (or just me) remember or appreciate things that happened! Human brain doesn't really have that much storage to remember everything that we encounter in daily life. Writing it down somewhere is a secure way IMO. U.U

Yes enough of that.

Was browsing through the pictures I took with Alicia last week and edited a few! Finally we went out and it was the first time wearing my new love Topshop Joni Jeans. I can only say that it's sooooooo comfortable! Usually I resist wearing long jeans/pants but Uniqlo is an exception and now Topshop is in the list too! :)


Went to Antipodean Cafe @ Menara Tan & TanExploring time!
Too bad not much photos taken because the place was too crowded although the day we went was a public holiday. The exciting part is, Antipodean Cafe is available in Sydney too! lol I am very determined to bring my mum there to try their food and the nice ambience. :)

  1. All Day Breakfast (Bacon)
  2. Salmon/Roast Vege/Chickpea
  3. Big Breakfast ( Beef Sausage)

Oh yay totally a happy girl to take some pictures with her favourite artists!
Korea Fair @ Isetan, KLCC.

Finally a mini photoshoot for both of us! Thank you to the invisible helping hand who doesn't want to be featured in my blog. :<

Mai big loveeeeeeee. x

Sometimes I wonder how will it be if I am given a chance to go back? Back in time. Looking at the photos that were taken during national service, form 6, travelling with buddies, having fun around. Technology is so advanced now that we can always keep in touch with each other although we couldn't meet that frequent. And I definitely miss the camp site that I went for my national service, it was a memorable experience. I was 18 and now 23 already! I really hope that I have a chance to visit again and see how the place looks like now. Yet things will be different even though you go to the same place again... #dilemma

What we did in the past led to what we are now. 

Can't agree more with this. Reminisce the past couldn't change anything but just a guide to remind us: Do better in the future! Yes I know what I want and foresee myself in that direction. At the same time working hard towards it. Hopefully I won't regret!

Note to self.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Blogging 101: Hair Pampering Session with Himalaya

Last Saturday was an enjoyable one! I was so happy when I received the invite to the hair pampering session at Bangsar two week ago. I always wanted to have my hair done (just to let someone to do something to my hair) for my birthday and coincidentally the session falls on a day before! Definitely in time for it and makes me so looking forward to the event. ;)

Nowadays, hair fall problem doesn't seems to be a new issue right? Himalaya Herbal Healthcare now introduces two 100% herbal active anti hair fall solutions to curb hair fall problems. FYI, Himalaya is the only herbal brand that provides a full regime to prevent hair loss! In this day, our hair were being pampered by using Himalaya's Anti Hair Fall products.

I reached the place quite early and had some own sweet time for myself before the event started! It had been a long time since I have a good mood Saturday morning.

Rupini's is located at the 1st floor but it is not hard to find it. I was welcomed by warm greetings from Shirleen and Woon. And not forget to mention, to kill time, we bloggers were given a cross world puzzle to help us to know more about this herbal brand! It was a challenging morning brain exercise indeed. :D

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Anti Hair Fall Regime:-
  • Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
  • Anti-Hair Fall Cream

The shampoo is free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).
Orange and green balloons were everywhere, the color of Himalaya!

Soon after that, we were given a hair analysis as well. I was quite nervous because I was worried I will be told that my hair scalp is in bad condition. Pretty much because of my impatient hair care routine! 

During the analysis, Fatimah, the consultant said that it is a good sign if there are 3 strands of hair in a hair follicle, which I do! I feel relieved after hearing that and she commented that my hair scalp is quite normal, not too bad I presume? She advised me to continue take good care of it and I told her that I wash my hair two days once. Glad to find out that it is right to do so! :)

Next, we get to try Himalaya products!
  • A head massage using Revitalizing Hair Oil.
It nourishes hair with natural proteins, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth and as well as control scalp itching.
  • Hair wash using Anti-Hair Fall shampoo.
This is a breakthrough 2 in 1 formula that provides root nourishment and strengthens weakened hair follicle. It conditions and improves hair texture to reduce hair fall due to breakage. Cleansing and conditioning in one step, I'm a #happykid to do this! :)
  • Post wash treatment using Anti-Hair Fall cream.
It contains Eclipta and Licorice that checks hair loss and stimulates hair growth. With the extracts of Chickpea and Amla, these two herbal ingredients are a rich source of natural proteins and vitamins to nourish hair from the roots. 

Rupini's also provides a wide range of services. And thumbs up for those beauticians who take efforts to relive our gorgeous hair!

There were time for us to mingle around. It was my pleasure to know these gorgeous people! 
We'll see each other soon! :)

Suquan, Woon, Colney and I.

Woon did a great job in explaining about Himalaya products while we were having our hair done! Thank you for the great hospitality. :)

Before the session ends, Shireen from Sugar & Spice Communications gave a short speech and followed by Justin from Shear Perfection Salon sharing about the latest hair trends. It was fun having them at the centre as they brought us a lot of laughter and thus minimising the shy barrier among everyone.

That's not it!
We are so lucky to bring home some Himalaya products. Furthermore, we are given vouchers to be used in Rupini's and Shear Perfection Salon. Will come back for more services in near future!

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare products can be found in 21 stores nationwide. Go to your nearest store to grab the products and free from hair fall problems!

For more enquiries,
feel free to call Customer Care Line at 603 - 79567012 or visit .

Thank you for the effort to make this event a success!

No.54-1, Jalan Telawi, 
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
+6(03) - 22876780
  • Shear Perfection Salon 

Lot 2, Jalan Mayang SS26/9,
Mayang Oasis Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
+6014 - 6616339

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Blogging 101: (Review) Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner


In this post today, I'll jot down about my opinions after using Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream and Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner!

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Natta is so generous to provide this skin cream and let us have a try. As I had mentioned previously, this cream can be used as a moisturiser due to its natural ingredients which has no harm to us!

Well I used this as make up remover after I was out for Himalaya event. (will update about it soon!) 
And it doesn't fail to surprise me after I read so many reviews about it.

What I think:-
After dabbing some of it on my face, the make up was removed with only two wipes.
It is very convenient that I doesn't have to wipe too many times to make sure there is no make up residue. 
The 1st wipe already managed to rub off most of the BB cream, 
the 2nd wipe was just left with some residue and 
the 3rd wipe was already clean!!
The cream is very oily TBH, but it is not a problem as I washed my face immediately after removing the make up. So YAYYY

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner

The star of this review! I was REALLY + VERY excited to try this toner as one of the achievement for my face is to tighten the pores. Imagine when someone looking at your face but the first thing they notice is your large pores??? Sorry that I keep imagining things hahahaha but fact is cruel. :/

What I think:-
So far so good that I had been using this toner for two weeks and no breakout occur. #fingercrossed 
The rosy scent is very refreshing! 
Although usually I will choose a product that is unscented but the smell of rose gave me a pleasant feeling. 
Smell it before I pour it to the cotton pad and I find that it calms my mood.

And something that I feel happy was --- !!! :D JENG JENG JENG
I think my pores has become less visible! Not totally invincible of course. :x
Just that usually when I look into mirror I will feel so bad because those pores are very hideous.
But after using the toner which contains witch hazel extract, it really helps.
The pores are not very visible and this can improve my make up!
I'm certainly very happy about this. DOUBLE THE YAYYY

You can get these 3 products which are:-

through the link that I provided above. Just click on the item that you are interested!

If you want to buy these products or anything in Natta Cosme, don't forget this discount code before you check out your shopping cart!! 


where you will be entitled RM5 discount for purchase above RM50. 
And it only expires on 15 January 2014, so have a great time shopping! :)

For all these wonderful things to happen, a big love to them!!