Monday, 30 September 2013

Dating Issue: Boy vs Man

Came across this article from Alice's blog and I couldn't help saying, it got its points there. 
Somehow it reflects what is in my mind all these years of selecting a good partner. Or boyfriend.

Alice is a blogger that I started following few months ago and I'm really impressed with the way she writes. Her thinking, she is so mature, planning her path and consistently work on it! No doubt, I found her site someday looking through any interesting blogs talking about Korea. And I was so happy that time because I have new things to read! For someone like me who has been long for going to Korea but not able to fulfil the wish, reading blogs could be another good way to explore the world.

Back to topic!

At an age of mine, it is very common to hear this; 

"Why are you still single?"
"No people chasing you ah?" 
"Must be your problem cause you are too picky"

Having a partner now doesn't mean anything concrete in the future, IMHO. 

Frankly, there are people who did ridiculous things. They will go ask around whether anyone interested with their "target". If the answer is no, they will take their action. I guess I don't have to write what they did righttt Knowing this kind of incident happened really send me shivers. Or perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at all, people with different maturity level tend to do different things and we can't step into others' borderlines. 

What makes him a boy? What makes him a man?

In my opinion, the key lies on his mind. Although he may pretend to be a man, but deep down if he thinks naively, that doesn't make much difference. 
For instance, if he acts like a gentleman, treating you like a princess but his attitude towards others is really bad, what do you think? 

Some might think that; 
  • Oh he must be really love me then!
  • I deserve the best so he is just basically ignoring other girls! 
  • Stop feeling jelly and I know you're saying this out of jealousy.

But wouldn't you feel insecure for a tiny bit? What will happen if one day things doesn't turn out like this any more? No more fairy tale? 

That's one point that I want to emphasize. Will men do something like this? Treating others (except his partner) this way? He might give you all his love, but through his daily interactions with others, you can see how "real" he is. To determine whether someone is your ideal partner, it is not just between you and him. There are still many other connections that you should take care of. Love life is not everything, we still have our own circles; family and friends.

There is one point that I totally approve in that article.

#11 A boy plays games. A man doesn't.

*To clarify, when I'm referring to "games" I mean mind games.

Waiting for Mr. Right(or Ms. Right) needs time, and thus testing your patience. Maybe not everyone is lucky to find that right one in their first relationship, but I believe that good thing comes the last, and it will be worthy to wait so long after you know how valuable it is.

A relationship can make you feel the pain, but at the same time you will learn from the fall and never make that foolish mistake again.

Picture credit of Google.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

theSkintopic 1st Anniversary Event

theSkintopic celebrated their first anniversary on 26 September 2013,Thursday at the Pavilion outlet.
This company comprises of 4 brands which are originated from New Zealand;

- Olive & Tebe
- Linden Leaves
- Wild Ferns
- Evolu

Thank you The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers for this opportunity!
It was an honour to witness Ms Brigit Blair, the founder of Linden Leaves on making the Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil. 

"The Linden Leaves story began in 1995 with the founding of the company in the South Island of  New Zealand by Brigit Blair. Drawing on the benefits on essential oils, plant derived exfoliants, natural moisturisers and a unique New Zealand heritage, Linden Leaves offers the customer a spirited range of body care products with unisex fruit and plant derived fragrances to care for the skin and delight the soul."

Under Aromatherapy Synergy category, there are 4 types of body oils which totally give you a different scent;

In Love Again; Absolute Dreams; Memories; Pick Me Up

In Love Again
A sensual blend of neroli, vanilla and sandalwood to promote a feeling of bliss and contentment.

- Absolute Dreams
A mellow blend of lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood and orange to balance, calm and relax.

- Memories
A luxurious blend of rose, geranium and ylang ylang to enhance emotional wellbeing.

Pick Me Up
A rejuvenating blend of mandarin, petitgram, rosemary and lavender to restore wellbeing and promote happiness.

They offer a variety of products under this category too, such as hand cream, foaming shower gel, moisturising lotion and vegetable soap.

The event started with a brief introduction given by Ms Brigit Blair before she begins her demonstration on making the body oil.

Explaining about the ingredients and the steps;




Those who are interested were given a chance to make the body oil and bring them home!

It was very thoughtful of them to provide light refreshments from Teaffani Patisserie.




A lucky draw before the event ended.

Happy faces who got the lucky draw prizes! 

A picture with Ms Brigit Blair.
She is very friendly and I'm sure many of us enjoyed the short interaction with her.

Last but not least, thank you theSkintopic for the generous door gift!

To know more about theSkintopicyou can visit any outlets listed below;

  • Level 5, P5.12.00 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. 
  • Lower Ground Floor, LGC01, Subang Parade. 
  • PF3 First Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre. 
  • K-G8-W, Ground Floor, The Curve.


Friday, 20 September 2013

200913: Short Update


Just one more paper to go and I'm done with this semester. 3 months break is waiting and I can't wait to carry out my plans! to make myself a better person. ;)

Hopefully I can utilise these few months well without any lazy bugs clinging on me. It's not all about fun, still need to prepare myself for coming January semester and it's not far till graduation! Yes, it might seems very far but if you are counting from a week-to-week basis, time flies pretty fast though.

Happy Birthday to my babe! Although I already wished her earlier and I'm not sure whether she will read this or not. Words of appreciation has been said out all the time(we don't say cheesy words only on someone's big day okay?) and I'm always grateful to have them by my side.

I really hope that the days(years) that we can celebrate birthdays together is not far to come.

Till then.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Scrub away with Soap & Glory!

I have been using these 2 products from Soap & Glory for several months already, and I thought that I could share my views on them.

The first item I bought is The Scrub of Your Life. Decided to bought this after a magazine recommendation and I was looking for a body scrub back then. Imagine when you want to wear bareback dresses/bikini, you certainly want to look perfect in it! But with bumps on the back is definitely a no-no. And we tend to ignore things that we can't see.

The other item would be Scrub Your Nose In It, it is a T-zone scrub. Of course you can use it as a deep cleansing mask if you let it on your face for 3 minutes! As you can see from the packaging, it claims that it will helps refine large pores and prevent blemishes. Large pores has been always a problem for my blemish-prone skin. Was eager to try since the body scrub works well on me!

Not forget to mention, the pink packaging is something that girls will love! 

It is important to ex-foliate your skin regularly, solely cleaning it is not enough! You can feel the thickness piling up on your skin, which is actually those dead skin cells that you can't remove by using soap or body wash. 

The Scrub of Your Life
I'm using this once in two or three days. 
As you can see from the picture, there are small tiny scrubbing beads in it. 
You can still feel the beads on your skin even after you apply it on large area! 
I prefer this as I don't like some other scrubs that already melted even before I scrub my skin properly. 
It has a refreshing scent too! 
It's my second tube already and it really works.

Scrub Your Nose In It
As I was worried that my blemish-prone skin will get even worse after applying face scrub (there are some sayings that you shouldn't scrub you face if you have blemishes), I didn't use this so frequent! Only once a week. 
I applied this only at the T-zone, mainly in hope to reduce those annoying large pores. 
Large pores could lead to many problems, especially large = more dirt can be clogged inside! 
This is why I wish to fix this first.(top in my list to a perfect complexion)
It has a tingling feeling when I applied it, and I love the minty scent! 
It's alright for me although personally I don't like anything with mint element in it.
Will need more time to see whether it suits me or not. 
But for now, no breakouts after I used it for a few times!

You can get these products at Sephora(Malaysia) with the price of RM39.90 each.
They also come in travel size, which is perfect if you doesn't want to bring the big bottle out.

*These products are bought on my own and it is non-related to any sponsorship or adventorials from any party.
*All photos in this entry were taken with Panasonic Lumix GF3.

Monday, 9 September 2013

How to Make: Korean Steamed Eggs

I found out about this side dish at a Korean restaurant located at Taman Desa. 
First try on this steamed egg and I'm absolutely loving it! 
It tastes quite salty, which I find it perfect for me as I love salty/sour food.

Decided to make this at home since it is quite easy. 
With simple ingredients and minimal time, I can have it with cooked rice and lunch is prepared!

Korean Steamed Eggs (계란찜; Gyeran Jjim)

  • 2 eggs (Which is sufficient for me as I only have this dish and rice; it'll be suitable for two if you have other dishes as well!)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • Water to mix with the beaten eggs (the ratio of eggs:water should be 1:1)
  • A pot of boiling water to steam the eggs
  • Some amount of kimchi vegetables (depends on your preference to have more or less of it; you can skip this if you doesn't like kimchi.)

You can add other ingredients(toppings and fillings) as you desired.

In the restaurant this is served in ddukbaegi, so that it is hot and fresh to eat.
I don't have this kind of pot at home, so I used a stainless steel bowl instead, as long as it is safe to put into the pot for steaming purpose.

Mix the eggs, salt and water together in a bowl and whisk it until it is well-combined. 
Meanwhile have the pot of boiling water(high heat) ready.

Place the bowl into the pot and let it steam with low-medium heat for 10 minutes.
Cover the pot with a lid.

I usually buy kimchi of this brand at the supermarket.
Mainly because I like it sour taste and not too spicy!

 Cut them into smaller pieces while waiting for the eggs to be done.

Put slices of kimchi on the top of the steamed eggs and it's ready to serve!

The texture of the steamed eggs should be firm but jiggly and custard-like.
I prefer spongy texture, so I have it steam a little longer.

To check whether it is cooked, you can always use a chopstick/fork to poke the surface and see how it goes.

*Source: Google
There are many recipes out there with different choices of ingredients.
Have fun doing this yourself!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Favourite Music #5: We Got Married Global Edition

This post will be slightly different from the previous ones as I would like to compile all my favourite OSTs from We Got Married Global Edition!

There were 2 couples in this show and my favourite pairing is Lee HongKi x Fujii Mina. And it still is!! Couldn't get over it although they had already stop their filming for few months. :(

Lee HongKi x Fujii Mina -  Two of Us

This video includes some memorable scenes between them! 
Mina always cried over what HongKi did for her. So sweet! 
Especially when she have a name for him; Mina's Hongstar.
And not to forget, she is the girl who acted in one of Tohoshinki's pv; 

東方神起 - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?

The following song that I would like to recommend is K.Will's Marry You
It's an English song but the lyrics still can be heard clearly with his korean accent. 

K.Will - Marry You

He has a great voice and my first favourite song from him isn't this. 
Another reason he gave me a strong impression is he look very similar to Daesung from BigBang! #justmythought

These are my two most favourite songs from WGMG
Hopefully they will have season 2 soon and fans are always anticipating the new couples as for this edition they will select artists from different nations.

You can watch all the episodes from their official Youtube channel.

Feel the love! x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

K-drama: The Master's Sun

It has been a long while since I watch a Korean drama. The chasing-idol-drama spirit in me has died I guess. But now I'm back with the new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, "The Master's Sun". Knew this drama through local newspaper, the lead actress who is able to see dead spirits kind of attracted me into this! I love horror dramas but it still have to depend on my mood so.... hmmm

The attraction is so big that I didn't even bother who is the lead actor/actress and I just started watching it. Usually we watch some dramas(regardless the country) because of your favourite artists right? This time, it's an exception for me. Always prepare your weak heart as the ghost might be appearing any time without any sign beforehand. 

When I told my mum I got hooked to a horror drama during dinner yesterday, she immediately answered me is it the drama that was introduced in the newspaper? She was also frightened at first when she saw the article because of those scary images. At this point, I couldn't stop feeling amazed with their make-up technique and the advanced technology in the creative industries. 

To date, it has aired till episode 8, which means still have halfway to go(if it ends at episode 16 as scheduled). And usually after horror scenes, sympathy follows. There is always a reason why the spirits are there. Wouldn't say the storyline is unexpectedly "surprise" because I doubt that the two main characters will fall in love eventually. That's the norm of most romantic dramas. But I'm still opening up to any possibilities! Since they are still filming it.

GAGAGA; Joong Won(acted by So Ji Sub) is so handsomeeeee! Fangirling mood on. Perhaps it's because of his cool attitude towards Gong Shil and always tell her to 꺼져. I find this quite funny and heart-warming as well because in the end he will still look for her. Awwww

Looking so perfect here with the pink blazerrr

I find him(So Ji Sub) familiar actually and I was wondering is he the same actor in IU's Good Day mv? I tried to search online but I couldn't get a confirmation. Will continue to dig it though.

Before I forget, the young Joong Won look very alike with the adult Joong Won! At first I thought it's So Ji Sub himself acting the younger self, with a different hairstyle of course. There is nothing to be curious about righttt because that's what they usually do when they need to film those past scenes.


I was wrong. The one who acted as the young Joong Won is L from Infinite. Searched his Twitter and this is what I found; a picture he posted where you can see he was dressed in school uniform, as seen in the drama!


Their resemblance... :X

I think I spill too much here. Please look forward to the show if you're interested!
And I randomly found this website;

You can know more about So Ji Sub and the drama if you refer to it. 
They include TMO the drama too!

Here's the trailer;

*All photos and video in this entry are not courtesy of mine, credit to the owner.