Wednesday, 28 August 2013


American Series: FRIENDS // How I Met Your Mother

People who can make your life colourful as well as making your life miserable.

I'm back to HIMYM marathon again! Although I'm having my final next week but I just finished all my assignments and tasks last Saturday. Time for a break before I move on!

What made me hooked on to this series; 
For someone who prefer western lifestyle, I love their settings and how the life there is so interesting! Or glamorous? But I feel jealous(in a good way) with those who live in Japan too, their life seems to be so peaceful and calm... Maybe things are not like what I expected but I hope that I could have a try living there and know how is it feels like!
Yeah, the influence of TV shows. \(-.-)/

Different phase in life gave us a chance to meet new friends. 
It is very cruel to say that some friends stay and some will leave, regardless the effort you made. 
Realizing this fact makes me feel amazed with the strong friendship that all these characters have in the series. They have their own job, own social circles but yet they will still come back together in the usual chilling place and talk about their problems. And of course, they have lots of fun together!!!

I appreciate that I met some good friends in my life! Although some of them we couldn't meet that often, we'll try to keep in touch as much as we could. We might have new acquaintances in different environment and it's important not to get jealous when you see them hanging out with other people. Too much of dependency doesn't bring any good though. Just cherish those moments that you had with them and keep in mind that there are more to come! But it has to depend on your effort to realize all these future wonderful moments too.

One thing I couldn't agree more;
being single at this moment will make you understand that friends are forever more important than your boyfriend. 

But when your boyfriend has become the husband.... Maybe it'll be a different case.

*All photos in this entry are not courtesy of mine, credit to the owner.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dolphin Tour @ Lovina // Kintamani // Elephant Cave Temple, Bali

We woke up early in the next day to join the dolphin tour. Unexpectedly the sun in Bali rises quite early(around 6 a.m.) compared to Kuala Lumpur. The tour guide who brought us out to the sea for dolphin tour told us that it's depends on luck whether you can see them. Although it's their daily routine to do "morning exercise", sometimes they will just swim away when they notice there are too many intruders.

Luckily after a few rounds of wandering, they finally appeared! And that was the time when I appreciate burst mode in my camera the most, their action were really fast! Just managed to catch a few glimpse and I gave up after I have some shots of the dolphins.

Soon after that we continued our journey to Kintamani, had our tasteless buffet lunch with the magnificent view of a sleeping volcano! Frankly I was quite worried that it might erupt at any time while I was there, we were told that the volcano is still active and the last eruption was around 10 year ago? I forgotten the exact year, it's at 200X. T__T

I'm not sure it only happened to me or maybe others as well, I always find a place to be in a upper class if it has signboards written in Japanese. It's the Elephant Cave Temple. Visited so many temples here and this cave temple gave me a strong impression when I see it. The entrance to the cave temple is quite scary as the tourists were going in one-by-one. At first I thought that there is another way out from the temple but no, we need to use the same way to leave the temple. The cave temple is an enclosed space thus we came out without staying in there for long.

*All photos in this entry were taken with Panasonic Lumix GF3.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Lost World of Tambun Blogger's Getaway

I was quite excited when I first saw this facebook post on The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers.
Can't you feel the excitement when there is a fully sponsored getaway waiting for your participation?
maybe I'm too hyperactive or love travelling too much
It's an exclusive getaway to Sunway Lost World of Tambun, Malaysia's premiere adventure theme park!
While checking out the travel date: 22nd September - 23rd September 2013, I knew that I should give it a try! 
So, what's the reason behind all these giggles about this short trip? ;)

  • Travelling by train

Sounds unconvincing and boring? 

Think of the massive crowd that have to squeeze together to take the train?


yes we are still travelling by train, but with ETS this time! 
It will be my first time(hopefully) to take ETS for a trip and my aunt told me that it is actually quite comfortable when she took ETS to Singapore few months back.

Time to rub all the bad impressions away!

  • Perfect time to make friends

What about making new friends while travelling together?
You can often heard people saying; 

"To know whether your friends make a great companion, go travel with them!".

I believe this is true because I experienced it myself. Travelling with friends will make your friendship grow stronger, you can know more about them since all of you spend a few days together!

While this time it'll be slightly different that this getaway is for bloggers and we might not know each other. But fret not! The time we spent together will be even more memorable since we have the same interest and thanks to Tammy, the mama of this blogger compaign, make friends through blogging has never been so easy! And comfortable too. ;)

  • Time to get lost

Oops I mean the polite way! ;)
Frankly speaking, thanks to the speed reading culture that everyone adopted now, when I first read it I thought it was meant to get lost all the way to the adventure theme park. That is totally different...
After watching the video from official website, I was amazed that the park is so big and with lots of attraction in just a place! 

It is more than merely a water park. #justmythought

No wonder this confusing name is given to it,
maybe the management's intention is for everyone to escape from the big urban city and have fun in this HUGE HUGE PLACE! 

  • Opportunity to sharpen my photography skills

After I'm back from recent Bali trip, I realised that travelling or even just a short trip away from where you usually are is a good opportunity to sharpen your photography skills. 
Of course, the most important is that you should never abandon your camera/lazy to take it with you when you are at a new place, no matter it's a heavy DSLR or just a compact one. 
I regretted that sometimes I took my phone to take picture instead when my sister was using my camera. Obviously phone pictures' quality can't be compared with a camera's! 

How much I miss the beautiful Bali sky....

  • I want to bring cute animals back homeee

Okay, I have a weird obsession towards cute things, what's more when it comes to cute animalssssss!
In the Lost World Petting Zoo, Ruby the racoon, rabbits and tortoises are waiting for me to bring them home!(oh, I bet they know who I am...) 
Just kidding, but I can't get over cute animals and I have the urge to pat their head whenever I see them. 
Especially cute FLUFFY animals. So that's how my 9 guinea pigs were treated last time.

Looking at something adorable or things you like will change your mood instantly right?

Joy that is gained from some little things in daily life makes me appreciate everything that I have now even more.

Sound exciting? Tempted to join this exclusive getaway?
Now it's your chance to join the fun!

For more information; 

Mama Tammy's Blog: 

Official Website of Lost World of Tambun:

Do take note that this is a review project. No free lunch in this world after all!

*All photos in this entry are not courtesy of mine, credit to the owner.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Favourite Music #4

Blue - If You Come Back

This song was released back in year 2001, which I was in primary school standard five.
Not surprised, forgotten it for a few years as new songs keep refreshing my playlist.
 Thanks to internet, holla I found this song again!
There are few other songs from them that are my favourites as well; 
One Love, All Rise and U Make Me Wanna.
Frankly I don't know why this song stuck in my mind for the longest time.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Birthday; Alicia

As years passed by, 10th August has become a date to remember.
It's Alicia's birthdayyyyyyyy! *throws confetti*
I believe that birthday ain't a special day any more as we grow older.

Hmmm, to make this day even more special, I decided to write something here to make her feel important?!

5 memorable things I did with her

  • Attended Jane's exclusive TOPSHOP Event.
It was a random one and I already expected to go alone since she doesn't want to go with me at first.
In the end I succeeded to persuade her to join me!
And I still remember how nervous is she of not receiving the confirmation email when the time is nearing. :p
It was fun meeting the bloggers and it's definitely worth it although we sacrificed our sleep for few hours the day before.

  • Went to Twin Towers Alive.
We chose the second day because 2NE1 and Backstreet Boys were performing that night!
It was the first time 2NE1 landed in Malaysia(their first concert is cancelled last year); and watching Backstreet Boys performing live was a dream come true!
Imagine when you see your childhood idols so near live on stage////////droolsssssss


  1.  first Earth Hour that we spent together!
  2.  late night stroll in the train station is so scary..... 

  • Queued for H&M Lot 10 Grand Opening Launch.
I wouldn't queue in the early morning alone if she is not joining me.
However everything was good except that it was raining. Breakfast by CBTL is provided(our empty stomach said thank you), mineral water, umbrellas and H&M magazines are distributed to ensure those who are waiting in line were taken good care of.
And I feel lucky that the last paper of that semester ended a day before, so there is no reason why I shouldn't join the crazy queue!

#happykid: we got RM50 shopping voucher each. YAYYY

  • Clinique Star Tour 2011
Another experience that I feel shy to join if she weren't there. 
Makeover is so fun especially when your bff is there with you!
Although we had to come back the other day for it, it doesn't make us feel less excited and we were looking forward to the outcome!

  • Vacations
We went to many places together; 
Malacca, Lang Tengah Island, Singapore, and Taiwan
All these getaways wouldn't be so fun without other friends joining it but her presence do makes some difference!
And she is the one who always very KIASI. hahahahahah
Kay Yan and I are the brave one! ;)

There is still a long list and I believe there will be many more to come!

Birthday comes with lots of surprises, but I bet none of the surprises you get would ever turn out as special as ME!!!!!!
Feel the love~

I don't usually say cheesy words, but if I do, you better feel good. 


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Getting Annoyed // Pet Peeves

I'm sure that there are some things in everyday life that will annoy you. Sometimes not even with reasonable reason.
Getting annoyed and ended up feeling eager to find some ways to get rid of that feeling, I think it's completely alright.

Well, I'm writing this down not because I'm currently in a bad mood or else the following will be just words of rage exploding from my mouth.

  • Reading a blog/an article written in English but full of grammar & spelling mistakes.

I don't have any prejudice towards anyone about this. 
But reading their aritcles really makes me mad.
Maybe it's still bearable if the author just started to write, okay, there is still room to improve.
But what if it has been few years??
And I see no improvement. That is annoying.

Stop reading or just close the tab.

  • Selcas with irrelevant captions.

Thanks to social media platforms, editing apps and the invention of phone camera, now everyone can take their own photos effortlessly. I feel grateful too.
However I can't stand it when I came across some profiles which there are only his/her own selcas and their caption really pissed me off.

Caption: I had McD for my lunch today!



Totally can't relate McD with the face, unless you're the new ambassador of McD.
(oops, sorry Mr. Ronald McDonald, your job is taken.)

Leave it and look at something else which is more pleasant. 

  • Waiter/Waitress who put their fingers on top of the glass(where you usually drink from)/on the side of the plate(where their fingernails are long and it touches the food) when they deliver the food.

How gross is that!? Sorry that I'm quite particular with hygiene. 

Just enjoy your meal without any hesitation if you don't want them to get scolded from their superiors.


Best resolution ever.

*All images in this entry are not courtesy of mine, credit to the owner.