Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Favourite Music #3

XIA Junsu (준수) - Don't Go (가지마)

Another Junsu's song that makes me cry.
I didn't want to, just listening to it and there goes my feeling.
Definitely can imagine the situation if I hear him singing this live.

Finally have time to listen to the whole album and this is my favourite among all.
The song sounds so sad, especially with the repeating lyrics "가지마".

Saturday, 27 July 2013


Look does matter. Please temporarily ignore those craps that say personality is more important. 

As I grow older I start to feel the importance of a person's facial appearance.
That doesn't mean that I only noticed at people who are handsome/pretty(well I got to admit that they are quite eye-catching), but I believe that everyone can look good if they take care enough of their appearance.

I'm not the type that was born pretty but I'm trying my best to make myself presentable.
Hmmm, at least make others feel comfortable to be around you?

Everything in my 2 months old Bali trip turned out pretty well. Well, except my face. Hair was quite obedient though, lol. I have no idea why my face became swollen after a few days there. My eyes became even smaller in the pictures, although it is already small enough. That's why I wore shades for most of the time. It doesn't look weird, thanks to the hot weather and wearing a shades is completely a norm. :D

My face was so dry and yeah, peeled-off-skin(sound gross). And I ignored it for a whole week there, thinking that I could probably save it when I get back to Malaysia. When I came back here, I kept pampering my face with moisturiser, which I'm actually not sure whether it's right to do so. 

Common sense, just put some water(moisturiser in this case) onto something dry(my face)?

It took me 2 weeks to feel that my face is being myself again. 
Which is not very good tbh; 

  • so uncomfortable and low self-esteem.
  • No selca for the trip! All pictures with shades on. I prefer some photos which can show my eyes sometimes...

That's why now I'm so determined to take good care of my skin condition. For the sake of good pictures in my anticipating-for-long trip which still have 9753124579 time to go. 
What really motivates me is that we can't always do last minute preparation, same thing applies to your face(in my case). 
Hard work will paid off eventually if you start your work now!
I also realised that I had been spending too much on clothes, which is obviously not rational, people look at your face too other than your outfit. It's time to spend more on skincare. ;)

The outcome is.... I'm so happy when my friend told me my skin condition is better now, compared to the last time we met! Which is exactly before I went to Bali! My heart fluttered, wee~~~ 
Small steps that lead to success. Actually there is nothing much that I do;

  • trying to sleep early as possible as I can. which is quite hard to fulfil thanks to my piling up work/tutorials/assignments.
  • toner after washing my face is a must! Before this, I seldom use toner after washing my face at night. My perception: we should let our face to be free of chemical for some times and let it breathe. But I was so wrong, there is dirt that is still on my face despite after I cleansed my face! Thanks to the yellowish gross thing that was wiped off using cotton pad, you showed me how dirty my face is although I already washed it. -_____-
  • I started to use Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX. Read quite a number of bloggers' recommendation on this product. Apparently it works on blemish-prone skin too(which is my skin type)! At first I can't make my decision whether should I get this because it is quite expensive, comparing to its size. But in the end I got it cheaper than the market price, which means YAYYYYYYY.

Hopefully good skin condition will stay with me as I grow older. When I start to age, I think I will need to worry about wrinkles. -______- 
Good things come after effort, trying my best to achieve this! 

Maybe I'm a vain person after all. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Favourite Music #2

陳弈迅 - 歲月如歌

Frankly speaking, I seldom listen to Cantonese songs.
However, this song of Eason Chen is one of the exception and I can't stop being driven into it.

This song has been my favourite since I watched the drama few years back.
The continuation of the drama, "Triumph in the Skies II" has started last week, after 10 long years.
And being a typical person, I went on Youtube and searched for this song again. 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

Ta-da, this is an overdue post about my holiday in Bali 2 months ago. Didn't want to upload them in facebook as I thought that these photos can be portrayed in a better manner, or in this way; photo diary. I don't really like to write caption for every single pictures, heck, took around 1500+ pictures in this trip. How am I going to write it for each pictures? Back to topic, we were in Tanah Lot Temple, a very famous place in Bali with its breathtaking scenery. The day was scorching hot and we couldn't really stand it. Thanks to the magnificent view who makes us feel all worth it despite the weather.

*All photos in this entry were taken with Panasonic Lumix GF3.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Brunch @ TWG Tea, Pavilion

Spent my Saturday with friends! 
Although I have class in the early morning, it doesn't ruin my mood to meet my gurls after that. :)
As discussed, we went to TWG Tea at Pavilion to enjoy our brunch.

Let the feast begin!

Kay Yan's order: 2 freshly baked scones or muffins served with
TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream

 My order: Scrambled Eggs
"Fresh farmhouse eggs scrambled with a choice of Matcha green tea,
pure saffron threads or white Alba truffle oil and served with
smoked salmon and a mixed salad of tender spinach shoots and
marinated shrimp."

Alicia's order: Eggs Benedict
 "Homemade toasted English muffins topped with two
 poached farmhouse eggs served with creamy hollandaise
 sauce and a choice of smoked salmon or turkey ham."

Perfect time to catch up after 2 long months.
We are back from all the travels!

The feeling of travelling is still in me.
Mad loving this shoes that I bought from Bali!
Stylish yet comfortable.
#tribal #airwalk

And for my dress, it is definitely a bargain! 
I bought this top and dress(comes together) only at RM18.

My favourite group photo(of the day).
We are all crazeyyy in our own ways, trust me. :)

Hello to my reflection, teehee~

**Appreciate all the moments that we are together, 
although we are walking on different paths!**

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Favourite Music #1

XIA(준수) _11am(11시 그 적당함)

The setting of this MV is beyond perfect. 
Junsu's voice is so beautiful as there is no need to have the background music.
Totally immersed in his heavenly voice.